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We all experience conflict in our everyday lives. But when it’s connected to our closest relationships — spouse, child, parent, professional partnership — it can feel like the conflict takes on a life of its own. Court litigation can quickly spiral in cost and result in public exposure of moments better kept private.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

We offer efficient mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services designed to facilitate solutions so that you can negotiate and resolve your dispute and not be subsumed by it.


We understand how challenging mediation can be.

When looking for a mediator you want someone who is knowledgeable and creative and can move the process forward; help narrow the issues and -- more than anything else -- someone who will explore every possible avenue to resolution. As mediators, we are tireless advocates for attorneys, for your clients and for the mediation process.



 Matrimonial/Family Law Mediation

We all dream of having a fairytale marriage and a perfect family. The reality, of course, is much harder. When things don’t work out as planned, heartbreak over a spouse, domestic partner, or children can be overwhelming. There are many complicated details in separating from a partner including property, financial and parenting arrangement concerns. We can help. With our extensive experience in family law matters including divorce, child custody, guardianship, child protection, adoption, support, equitable distribution, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements, we help you negotiate the separation process with a focus on creating the right solutions for you, your family and your future. We also represent clients who are already engaged in mediation and need consultation and/or a reviewing attorney in the mediation process to review interim and final agreements.  


Employment Mediation

Work is significant to all of us for so many reasons. Work is money, esteem, stability and much more. When problems develop at work it takes a toll on employers, employees, professional partnerships and business activities. Court is one way to resolve them; but the process can be long and drawn out. As mediators, we work with parties and counsel on employment disputes including discrimination, retaliation, wage/hour (FLSA, NYLL), severance and breach of contract issues. We offer confidential and efficient mediation and dispute resolution services so that all parties can get back to work.

Surrogate's Court/ Elder Law Mediation

Conflict in connection to aging parents, grandparents and relatives is very common. Sometimes the conflict is about money. In other instances, family members fight over how and who should take care of someone who can no longer take care of themselves. Disputes about what to do as someone loses the ability to care for themselves can be devastating. In the event of a loss, family members who were once close sometimes argue about what to do with homes, personal belongings and all that is left behind. With our extensive experience in elder law, Surrogate’s Court practice, and high conflict multi-party family disputes, we are experts at helping families unravel complex situations amid legal, emotional, and financial concerns.

Parenting Coordination

If you and your partner are struggling with parenting issues right before, during, or after a divorce, Parenting Coordination (“PC”) is a good option. PC is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that is court ordered or agreed upon by divorced and separated parents who have an ongoing pattern of conflict and/or litigation about their children. The underlying principle of the Parenting Coordination intervention is a continuous focus on children's best interests by the Parenting Coordinator (PC) in working with parents and in decision-making. 



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