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We offer private, efficient mediation services designed to help business and individuals find resolutions to their most pressing conflicts. We mediate with you and your spouse, partner, adversary, co-worker so that you can stop thinking about  divorce, an estate dispute,  commercial or employment dispute.. As attorneys, we understand how challenging mediation can be for parties and for advocates.


When looking for a neutral you want a mediator who is knowledgeable as to substance and as to process. You want a neutral who is creative; a problem solver; someone who can move the process forward; help narrow the issues and - more than anything else - someone who can assist you to explore every possible avenue to resolution.


We have extensive training in mediation. We mediate in a variety of areas. We are mediation teachers and mentors, ourselves. We are tireless advocates for attorneys, for individuals  and for mediating a dispute before, during or even after a litigation.

Work is significant to all of us for so many reasons. Work is money, esteem, stability and much more. When problems develop at work it takes a toll on employers, employees, professional partnerships and business activities. Court is one way to resolve them; but the process can be long and drawn out. As mediators, we work with parties and counsel on employment disputes including discrimination, retaliation, wage/hour (FLSA, NYLL), severance and breach of contract issues. We offer confidential and efficient mediation and dispute resolution services so that all parties can get back to work.

Practice Areas

We mediate divorce and family law matters including spousal maintenance, child support, equitable distribution of property, child custody/visits (parenting schedules)  and guardianship disputes. We help you negotiate the separation process with a focus on creating the right solutions for you, your family and your future.


Also, we represent clients who are engaged in mediation who need consultation and/or a reviewing attorney in the process to assess interim and final agreements including divorce, separation, pre and post nuptial agreements. 

Whether you are engaged in complex civil litigation, or you have a private workplace or family conflict that needs to be addressed, call us. We have experience in mediating a wide variety of civil litigation matters and disputes that didn’t go to court because everyone involved recognized the value of mediation. Sometimes, parties contact us and they aren’t sure what they need but they know that a conversation needs to be had.


Litigation does not need to be present for a conflict to take over your life. Mediation and conflict resolution processes are flexible and they can be modified to suit your particular workplace, family or business environment and help you to move forward when a conflict (or series of them) have created stagnation and inertia. Call us to inquire about helping to set up an ADR process for your situation and getting you to resolution.


We offer individual coaching sessions for executives, non-profit and business leaders as well as group/team conflict coaching and mediation sessions.

We have experience in elder law and Surrogate’s Court practice including will, accounting, administration, probate, guardianship and fiduciary disputes.   We have significant experience in high conflict multi-party family disputes and helping families unravel complex situations amid legal, emotional and financial concerns.

In addition to our mediation practice, we counsel and advise clients in a number of areas including divorce, family, elder law and trust and estates. We serve as reviewing and consulting attorneys for divorce clients engaged or who will be engaged in mediation. We assist clients and families in drafting wills, advance directives and estate planning.

We work with parties and counsel on employment disputes including gender, age, and racial discrimination, retaliation, wage/hour (FLSA, NYLL), severance and breach of contract issues. We offer confidential and efficient resolution services so that parties and businesses can get back to work.


Additionally, we conduct workplace mediation and facilitation sessions for nonprofits and businesses where conflicts among staff, employees, executives seem ever present and never resolved. 

We have mediated commercial and business disputes connected to family business dissolution, partnership break-ups, trade secret theft, contract disputes, defamation, insurance, non-compete and other issues. 


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Adam J. Halper, Esq.

Adam J. Halper is a mediator, arbitrator and attorney. He focuses his practice on mediating with and counseling those engaged in family, matrimonial, employment and elder law disputes. He has represented clients in a variety of litigation and transactional areas and brings strong business, legal and interpersonal acumen to client issues and conflicts. Over the last several years, Mr. Halper has built a focus on alternative dispute resolution.

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Donna Erez-Navot, Esq.

Donna Erez-Navot is an attorney, social worker, professor of law and mediator. Ms. Erez-Navot was the founding Director of the Mediation Clinic at University of Wisconsin and she has been instrumental in building several mediation projects including child protection programs. Before moving to Madison in 2009, she was a mediator in the Child Permanency Mediation Program in New York City Family Court...

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